Wilderness Survival Tips To Dry Wet Boots Quick

Wilderness Survival Tips To Dry Wet Boots Quickly

If you’re an adventurous and high-spirited soul, or just a simple one-time camper; than it would be worth wild to add this wilderness survival tip to your repertoire. One of the most common problems encountered by outdoor enthusiast is that of wet boots.  This simple trick will make sure you are back on the tail with dry boots in no time.

To start, collect small to medium sized dry rocks. Preferably ones with no sharp edges. Once these are collected, fill your pot with these rocks and top off with water. Place over a camp fire and begin boiling the water.Wilderness survival tips to dry your boots
As the rocks are being heated, you may craft out a pair of tongs from green wood by simply bending a flexible stick in half.  This will allow you to pick and move the rocks in the pot and later place them in the boots and socks.
After the water comes to a boil pick the now hot rocks from the pot with your  tongs or sticks, and place them carefully in the boots.  If you are afraid of burning or cutting the inside of your boots you can also place the rocks inside your socks then place the socks inside the boots.  As mentioned before, it is vital to select small sized rocks as these will conveniently fit into your boots and socks.

Wilderness survival ToungsThe idea here is that the heated rocks will cause any moisture they come into contact with to evaporate.  You should be able to witness this as the moisture on the rocks begin to evaporate as soon as you remove the rocks from the boiling water.

If the boots are still wet by the time the rocks cool off inside of them, then you may need to repeat this process another one or two times.

What you will need:
  • Medium Sized Rocks
  • Pot to boil water
  • Makeshift Tongs
  • Water

For more great wilderness survival tips check out more videos from Andy at his youtube channel Innerbark Outdoors.  Or his website at inner-bark.com. 

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  1. David Orr

    I’d never seen that method for drying out boots. One of those chores you’d do at the end of the day.

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