forgotten bug out bag items

Top 10 Forgotten Bug Out Bag Items

When most people put there bug out bags together they get the basics. They pack rope, knives,a tent, some matches and maybe a gun.  But most people forget the little things that could end being the difference between life or death.  So today I am presenting you with what in my opinion are the top 10 forgotten bug out bag items.

1. Anti Diarrhea Medicine. Your diet is going to change drastically and you might be eating things you probably should not be.  Nothing will dehydrate you quicker than Diarrhea.

2.Sewing Kit Great for maintaining your clothes and your bag.  It also has uses for first aid.

3.Water Purification Kit Water is often going to be your top priority.  Without water, your body will shut down and die after only 3 days.

4.Bandanna Many uses from first aid, to water filtration, to carrying items.

5.Road Map To help you navigate when your GPS no longer works.  A map will help you get away from population centers and possibly lead you to a source of water.

6.Bug Spray  Nothing will ruin your day or night quicker than mosquitoes.  Not only will they drive you crazy but they can carry deadly diseases.

7.Emergency Radio so you can listen for weather forecast or emergency broadcast.

8.Oral Hygiene  If you get a cavity while bugging out, your screwed.  It can make it very difficult to eat or drink.  Take care of your teeth!

9. Camouflage Change of Clothes You always want to blend in with your environment.  When in the city, where city clothes, when your in the woods, wear camouflage.

10. SAS Pocket Survival Guide  If I had only one item in my bag, it would be this book.  This book is going to teach you how to build shelter, start fire, purify water, capture food.  This book is the MOST IMPORTANT item in your bag.

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