life hack, survival hack, cut shell, cut shotgun shell

The “Cut Shell” Survival Life Hack

life hack, survival hack, cut shell, cut shotgun shell

Cut Shotgun Shell Survival Life Hack

A Cut Shell is a life hack that turns a bird shot into a make shift slug.  A “poor man’s slug”.  This was common practice during the great depression as slugs were hard to come by. If you are ever in a survival situation where you want to hunt larger animals such as deer but only have bird shot, then this life hack could prove useful.

You create a cut shell by cutting a standard bird shot all the way around so the two cuts overlap each other but are separated by about 1/8″.  You want to do this about halfway up the shell.  When you fire, that 1/8″ piece you left separates and the half of the shell containing the pellets becomes the projectile.

It should be noted that cut shells are not recommended for pump action or semi-auto shotguns.  If you do use them in these shot guns it is recommended you only load one round at a time and you check the barrel for any debris after each round is fired as sometimes part of the plastic hull gets left behind.  This is why a break-open gun works the best.  You can easily look down the barrel before loading the next round.


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