Important survival skills

The 6 Most Important Survival Skills to learn

Most people look at wilderness survival skills as a waste of time. After all, nobody plans on getting deserted on n Island or becoming a refugee anytime soon, right? However, we are living in an uncertain world and the need of survival skills have never been greater. These techniques are based on providing the basic necessities for human life.

Why learn survival skills?

Anything can happen, anywhere and anytime and it is very important to learn what to do in a survival situation. For example, having the correct knowledge on how to find and purify water helps you in staying hydrated and healthy. A day hike could quickly become life threatening due to a simple twisted ankle.  An exploration of an Island can leave you deserted and quickly become a life threatening situation.  A broken down car on a remote road can leave you struggling for just for the basic necessities.  For people who like going ont journeys around the world, it is very important to gain this specific set of skills. The possibility of risk is always there and it is very important to be prepared to deal with every possible contingency. Let us shed some light on 6 of the most critical survival skills and how to implement them in a survival situation.

Survival Skill #1: Finding and Purifying Water

survival skills

finding water

Water always comes first. They say that without water, a person can only last for as long as 72 hours. This is only when you are in a comfortable environment. In harsh environments where you need to survive, the hours will most probably be much less than 72. This is why the ability to find and purify water is the most important survival skill to learn. The human body needs constant rehydration so the functions of the body run smoothly and properly.
One of the best ways to stay intact with water is to store some before you embark on an exploration. If you have a fire going, boiling your water is the best option you have. It is not the 100% solution to your water needs, however, it is the closest you have when you are in a survival situation. Try to learn which plants can give you pure and drinkable water as well. Nature can be your biggest friend and provide you with everything you need, however, if you do not understand it well it can be your worst enemy!

Survival Skill #2: Starting Fire

survival skill

survival fire

When prioritizing survival skills, the ability to create fire is a very close second to finding water.  Not only does fire provide you with one method of purifying water, it also provides you with heat, light, ability to cook food and a way to signal for help. Even if you have a lighter or matches, knowing how to build a fire from what you find in nature is an important skill to poses. You never know what might happen. Starting a huge fire might just be the reason an ongoing boat notices you stranded on an Island or a rescue chopper finds you in the woods.

Survival Skill #3: Building Shelter

survival skills

survival shelter

If you find yourself without any shelter you must have the basic knowledge of how to make a shelter out of the resources around you. A shelter can be anything that protects you from the elements.  The two most common “survival shelters” are the debris hut and tarp tent.  The debris hut can be constructed using sticks for the structure and leaves, grass, pine needes or anything else you can find on top of the sticks to provide insulation.  A tarp tent does not provide you with much insulation but is a great way to protect you from the rain above, moisture below and wind from the sides.  There are many configurations of a tarp tent and most only require a tarp and some rope.

Survival Skill #4: Finding Food

survival skills

survival fish trap

Food does not serve itself on a table for you or show up on the door step when you are in a survival situation. You need to know how to gather and hunt for food. Above all, you need to know which foods will give you the nutrients required to recharge your energy level. This is very important to survive harsh situations. It is important to learn the different traps that can be used to catch wild game.  Some of the basic traps are snares, spring snares, dead falls, bird snares and fish traps.

Survival Skill #5: First Aid

survival skills

survival first aid

This is very important as wounds are very common in a survival situation. The basic thing you need to know is how to keep a wound clean and closed. Open and dirty wounds can infect a whole body part and leave you dying in the middle of nowhere. Remember, in the wilderness, you cannot call an ambulance to take you to a hospital. Setting back broken bones, treatment of nausea and shocks and much more is needed if you are looking towards serving a dangerous situation.

Survival Skill #6 Signaling:

survival skills

survival skignaling

When you meet an unexpected crisis, you cannot contact someone and tell them where you are. Hence, you need to have proper knowledge of how to signal for help. Signals from fires and flare guns may be the most common methods.  But you can also use signaling mirrors, smoke from a fire or spelling out “SOS” or “help” using rocks or logs.

These are the basic 6 survival skills that everyone should know, especially adventurous outdoors men. These skills are allot like a condom, it is better to have them and not need them then it is to need them and not have them!


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