Going off the grid

Going Off The Grid? Build Your Own Hot Water Heater!

Going Off The Grid? Build Your Own Hot Water Heater!

So you have decided you are going off the grid.  You are tired of paying bills, sick of getting poked on Facebook and you have had enough.  But you dont want to go full on cave man and wish to keep a few of modern life’s amenities such as hot water.  No problem, you can build your own hot water heater that requires no electricity and practically has an endless amount of fuel.

You can do this by taking advantage of the thermo-siphoning process of boiling water and using wood or any other combustible material as your fuel.  The concept is pretty straight forwards.  You connect a hose from the bottom of your hot water tank to coiled copper tubing inside a stove pipe.  As the fire heats the stove pipe and thus the coiled copper tubing, the water begins to boil and rise up through the tubing until it empties into the top of your tank.  At the same time it pulls water out of the bottom of your tank and through the heated copper tubing continuing the process.  The concept is simple enough and the build can be completed with one quick visit to a junk yard or with scraps you may find around your yard.  Just because you are going off the grid, doesn’t mean you cant live comfortably.

For this offgrid project you will need:

  • Coiled Copper wire
  • Copper Tubing
  • Hot Water Heater Tank
  • Stove Pipe
  • Metal Stove

Go check out more offgrid projects from Engineer775 on his youtube page.

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