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Malcolm With Survival Know HOwHey guys, Malcolm here.  I am the man behind the curtain here at the Survival Know How site and youtube channel. First off, I am not an expert and don’t claim to be.  I am just an outdoor enthusiast and have been since I was in cub scouts 20 years ago.  I have been in the U.S Air Force for 9 years now and my career has taken me all across the globe including Japan, Israel, Chile and a bunch of other cool spots.  You can check out my personal youtube channel here .  I upload a bunch of random stuff that never gets any views lol.

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  1. Geraerd

    Hello Malcolm Team,

    My name is Gerard from Red Cube Production. I really enjoyed your last video on the outdoor vitals Rhyolite Backpack Review. Me and the rest of the Red Cube team are impressed by your YouTube channel!

    I am reaching out to you because we have a product that I think your audience would appreciate. We work with goTele, the premier off-grid tracker that uses GPS and long range radio technology to help you and your group members track and communicate without a sim card, data, or WiFi. You’d be able to track your friends in real-time, share your location, receive SOS signals and so much more.

    goTele has also been featured on Digital Trends, GearHungry, and 9to5mac. For more information, visit our Indiegogo page .

    Would you be able to discuss doing a product review today or sometime this week? We are more than happy to give you the product as an exchange for the review. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.

    Please let us know if you have any questions and we appreciate your time and consideration!


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  3. Matthew

    Hi Malcolm,

    I Just started up a outdoor company and we have launched a survival box on kickstarter, anyways I think that your youtube videos are great! I was wondering if we sent you a survival kit, if you would review it your youtube channel. let me know.
    Matt Bruns

    1. Post

      Hi Matt,

      Your survival kit looks cool and good luck to you and your kickstarter campaign. I dont think it would be something i’d be interested in making a video about through. Other then battlbox, I dont really do a whole lot of gear reviews. Good luck to you man.

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