Crazy Russian Survival Hacks

65 Crazy Russian Survival Hacks

A “Survival Hack” is similar to a “Life Hack” but instead of providing you with a more simple way to squeeze toothpaste or sever chips, survival hacks focus on re-purposing everyday objects to serve you in a survival situation.  These hacks can be as simple as turning a crayon into a candle or as complex as converting the motor in your ceiling fan into a makeshift wind turbine.

When talking about hacking every day objects, there is no better known hacker on youtube than Crazy Russian Hacker.  He makes videos covering everything from Dog Life Hacks to to Cell Phone Life Hacks to Science Experiments you can do from home.  What I am interested in is his Survival Life Hack series where he covers simple hacks with every day objects that could be very useful during a survival situation.

10 Survival Hacks Compilation #1

  • Orange Candle
  • Pick a lock with a Soda Can
  • Steel Wool & Battery Fire
  • Balloon Arrow Shooter
  • Electrical Tape Flash Light
  • Tin Foil Battery Decoy
  • Gum Wrapper/Battery Fire
  • Magnet and Needle Compass
  • Soda Can Candle

10 Survival Hacks Compilation #2

  • Open A Can With No Tools
  • Butter Candle
  • Dead Lighter Fire
  • Small Batteries From Big Batteries
  • Potato Cannon
  • Flint and Magnesium fire
  • LED and battery Flashlight
  • Mayonnaise Candle
  • Rubber Band Arrow Shooter

10 Survival Hacks Compilation #3

  • Crayon Candle
  • Light Bulb Candle
  • Soda Can Stove
  • Chemical Fire
  • Soda Can Stove #2
  • Make A Bucket Shower
  • Make an Ice Pack
  • Open a Can With A Knife
  • Make A Cooler Out Of Empty Bottles

10 Survival Hacks Compilation #4

  • Strike Matches on Windows
  • Cheese Candle
  • Potassium Fire
  • Flower Pot Heater
  • Brazil Nut Candle
  • Cinder Block Rocket Stove
  • Tuna Candle
  • Split Log Fire
  • Open A Can With Your Hands

Alcohol Stove Zombie Survival Tip #4

Dryer Lint Fire Starter

5 Ways To Sharpen Your Knife In the Zombie Apocalypse

  • Use Bottom Of A Ceramic Mug
  • Use A Glass Bottle
  • Use a Steel File
  • Use The Back Of Another Knife
  • Use Sand Paper
  • Use A Leather Belt To Strop
  • Use Cardboard To Strop
  • Use Wood To Strop

Make Storm Proof Matches

Create A Brick Rocket Stove

Homemade Light Bulbs

 How To Cut Rope With Rope – Survival Hack

Petroleum Jelly Fire Starter Survival Hack

Use Birthday Candles As Fire Starters

Long Bow Out Of PVC

5 Ways To Make Whistles With House Hold Items

  • Glass Coke Bottle
  • Straw
  • 7.62mm Shell
  • Bottle Cap
  • Aluminum Can

Make Cups Out Of Glass Bottles – Life Hacks

Bug Out Bag Life Hack – “Skivvy Roll”

Bacon Grease Emergency Candle

Charge A Cell Phone With A 9V Battery

Build An Upside Down Fire

Aluminum Foil/Led Fire Starter

Altoids Tin Phone Charger


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