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12 Survival Terms You NEED to know

Survival terms and abbreviations you NEED to know

When you are to to prepping the survival terms thrown around can sometimes be as clear as mud.  Hopefully this article helps clear some things up.

It is the most talked about abbreviation among survivalists and preppers and stands for and is also referred to as 72-hour bag, Get Home Bag or Get out of Dodge Bag.  In a nut shell, it is a bag with all the essentials you would need if you had to evacuate your home in an emergency.

BOV stands for Bug Out Vehicle and can comprise of any vehicle such as a bike, ATV or truck. It refers to a vehicle you would use to evacuate in an emergency and is usually pre-stocked with supplies.

It stands for Bug Out Location and refers to a location such as a house or a shelter where one can move out in the case of an emergency which requires you to evacuate your current place of residence.

• Doomsday Preppers
It is a term that got popular after the TV show of the same name. It refers to a group of preppers who prepare for the end of the world as know it.

This abbreviation means Every Day Carry and points towards items you carry with you at all times to be ready for any kind of situation.

• Get out of Dodge
This evacuating your immediate area in the case of an emergency.. It is synonymous with the term Bug Out and is sometimes also used as a conjunction with it.

• Ham Radio
These refer to radio lines that can still catch signals in times of disaster and are used by survivalists to communicate with the people to inform them about the dangers of the situation.

• Prepper
This term applies to individuals who actively prepare for some sort of disastrous, big or small, man made or natural, by stocking up food, water, and other important resources.

• Shelter in place
Shelter in place refers staying put in the shelter you currently are in during an emergency or disaster instead trying to evacuate. It is the complete opposite of terms like get out of dodge or bugging out and is also refereed to as bugging in.

This term stands for Shit Hits the Fan and refers to an extreme catastrophe or disaster that it will be very difficult to recover from.

It stands for the phrase “The End Of The World As We Know It” and points towards catastrophic situations that greatly alter our society and daily lives.  An example would be a wide spread EMP which destroys all our communication electrical systems.

This abbreviation means Without The Rule Of Law and refers to an emergency situation where the law becomes nonexistent.

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